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Fish Ponds and Water Features

Nothing is quite as attractive in a garden as a fish pond or water feature. We can design, build, restore or modernise any type of pond or water feature. We have a proud and long history of building water features and can offer ponds to suit your individual requirements.

Examples of popular water features for the garden include:

  • Natual ponds
  • Bog ponds
  • Koi ponds (raised or sunken)
  • Ornamental ponds
  • Fish ponds
  • Wildlife ponds

We can utilise many building materials ranging from railway sleepers to bricks or we can build to your own specification from bespoke designs.

The ponds can contain individual water features, fountains and filtration to suit your needs we only use the best methods and materials, be it butyl pond liners, pond GRP fibre glassing or concrete/cement rendered.

If a pond is not going to suit your garden, don't lose heart, some other suggestion to consider are weirs, rills, streams, waterfalls, modern water features, canals and moats or stone features, the list is endless.

If you have an existing pond that is in need of restoring or modernisation and would like some ideas or recommendations we are the people to call from investigating leaks and resealing ponds to complete renovations.

The importance of correct pond construction

Building garden ponds, whether they are natual ponds, bog ponds, Koi ponds, ornamental ponds, or bespoke water features, requires a methodical and professional approach. After all, a poorly constructed pond that leaks is not only a nightmare for the surrounding garden and property but its not much fun for the inhabitants of the pond either.

The location of the pond is vital from a safety and maintenance point of view. For example, are there small children or pets who could be at risk from drowning? If so, why not consider a safer water feature such as a pebble cascade or simply have us add some secure and decorative fencing around the new water feature.

Also, the position of the water feature or pond will cause a maintenance headache if it is situated beneath deciduous trees or in full sunlight whith the former poluting the pond with fallen leaves and the latter causing a serious build up of blanket weed and unsightly green water.

A happy customer

This client in Stevenage wanted a fish pond built into his terraced garden.

Initial excavation of the pond

We started by excavating the hole to a depth of 120cm shaping it as we went. A layer of cement was added to help prevent root incursion.

The liner was laid and filling began

The pond liner was laid and a layer of rinsed pebbles carefully positioned in the base. We started filling the pond adjusting the liner as necessary.

The finished pond with fountain

The finished pond was capped off with millstone paving.

The bird bath placed in the corner is fed with some of the water returning from the filter. It provides birds with a clean supply of drinking water all year round and the run off helps prevent the pond surface from freezing.

Happy Shubunkins and Tench waiting for dinner

The finished pond was left for a month to mature before a variety of baby Shubunkin and Tench were released into it. As you can see, they are thriving.

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