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Articles about landscaping services from Hertfordshire Landscaping Company ERF

Quality garden fencing from ERF Landscaping Ltd

So you have made the decision to have a garden fence erected at your property, but what are your reasons for having it done? There are many valid reasons for having some garden fencing. It may be to demarcate your property lines, to gain privacy from the prying eyes of your neighbours, to keep your pets or children safe or to keep them away from a garden pond. Once you determine the reason for having the garden fencing, you should call ERF Landscapes Ltd, we are the local professionals when it comes to quality garden fencing.

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Garden patios from ERF Landscaping Ltd

One of the best things about a home could well be a well thought out and professionally constructed patio. Patios are a wonderful place to relax, unwind, have a coffee, read a book or just simply enjoy nature in all its glory.

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Garden patios from ERF Landscaping Ltd

If you realy are too busy to mow your lawn, do the weeding and prune the all youre shrubs; you might want to think about employing a professional gardener. This article deals with the process of finding a gardener for those everyday jobs like mowing, weeding and pruning. Having said that, a good landscape gardener should also have a thorough understanding of these disciplines and not just how to operate a cement mixer and lay a few slabs or railway sleepers.

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A happy customer

Our customer in Hertford had a fence which was rotten and needed replacing.

The old rotten fence prior to the start of the work

First we carefully removed the old fence to avoid damaging the plants.

The old fence panels removed

Once the old fence was removed we installed the new concrete posts and placed the panels.

The finished fence in place

When the fence was completed we cleared away the site and took the old fence panels and posts for recycling. If you have a similar requirement and would like to discuss it with us then please contact us.

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